Wednesday, November 1, 2006

HDMI Capture with PlayStation 3

It's always been my intention to make Digital Foundry HD compatible with every single video gaming source, and via its component and VGA inputs, we've been able to extract the very best image quality from every single gaming system we've tried.
With PlayStation3 having a digital HDMI output, this gave us the potential for lossless, pristine quality video - it was just a case of finding one of the rare machines out there and calibrating it for our system. There was also the small matter of HDCP - the copy protection system that Sony has inexplicably activated for games content as well as Blu-ray movies.
Debug PS3s (used to test games) have the facility to turn off HDCP and the results are spectacular - Digital Foundry HD instantly locks on and gives a pure digital transfer.
Last week Nintendo Wii was also calibrated, meaning that not only does Digital Foundry HD cater for all three new games systems with 60fps capture at up to 720p (480p max for Wii), it also ensures ultimate picture quality by using the top-end video output from all three next gen consoles.

Click for full-size 720p image, captured via HDMI.